Social media policy

Taikai Shuzō Co. Ltd and Taikai Shuhan Co. Ltd (referred to as “our company” below) will monitor its employees' behaviour and basic manners on social media (referred to as SNS below) as in the SNS policy set up by the company.

Purpose of SNS

Through SNS, our company shares information and promotes communication with the customers.
Please note that not all information transmitted from SNS represents an official announcement or impression from our company, that information is available on the website. Also, note that information is valid at the time it is posted, this may not be the case later.

Behaviour on SNS

Our company takes entire responsibility for all the information and replies shared on SNS. We are careful not to forget to be considerate of our counterparts, not to cause misunderstanding, and to communicate with sensitivity.
Our company complies with all laws, regulations and internal rules. We shall not post any important or confidential information related to our customers or partners.

SNS terms and conditions

Our company official SNS account is open to all but followers are limited to 20 years old and above. Please refrain from sharing our content to underage people.
The following terms and conditions apply to our official account.

1. Terms and conditions

If you submit any comments, photos, videos, links or any other content about us, we ask you to comply with the terms and conditions of both our company and the concerned SNS.
Please refrain from any comments or actions deemed, inappropriate, belligerent anti-social, offensive to public order and morals, in breach of copyright infringement or other laws by our company.
If our company considers a statement to be in breach of the aforementioned, we will immediately delete it or take any action we deem necessary without prior notice. We may also demand compensation for any damage caused by the former.

2. About customers' obligations and responsibilities

The customers shall be the only responsible for their post on our official account and shall be the only responsible for any liability arising from violations of the SNS terms and conditions. The customers shall also bear all the costs, including compensation for damages arising from such violations.
Customers shall post on the official account at their own risk and use the information obtained at their own risk and responsibility. The customers shall bear all responsibility in case of damage arising from the use of this information.
Our company shall be exempted of any liabilities arising from our customers misconduct on our official account.

3. About changes in the terms and conditions

Our company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

4. Precaution concerning alcohol-related posts

Our company considers it a social responsibility to promote reasonable drinking and ask of our customers to comply on our official account.
Consequently, on top of the other deletion matters mentioned on this page, we will delete any content corresponding or likely to correspond to the following points:

  • Comments posted by underage persons, photographs where an underage or seemingly underage person appears.
  • Posts encouraging underage alcohol consumption.
  • Posts encouraging excessive or irresponsible alcohol consumption.
  • Posts encouraging alcohol consumption for tasks requiring attention such as driving.
  • Posts encouraging alcohol consumption during pregnancy or lactation period.
  • Any other post deemed inappropriate by our company.
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