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Corporate philosophy

“Traditions and challenges”

To deliver delicious shōchū

Created by bringing together 9 local breweries, our company's history is truly one of “Traditions and Challenges”. By inheriting the wisdom and tradition of each brewery's long history, and exploring new flavours to meet contemporary needs is how we have earned our customers' approval.

In our company, all the sweet potatoes used to make our shōchū are cultivated locally by contracted producers.
While our mission is to support Japanese agriculture with shōchū brewing as the starting point, our brewmaster also places significant importance on meeting the producers and building close relationships with them.
Shōchū production activity is concentrated during the sweet potato harvest season from late summer until early winter. Meanwhile, our brewers stay overnight and work painstakingly while ensuring the brewery is functioning 24 hours a day.

Despite our brewery being equipped with relatively modern facilities, we believe that making full use of the craftsmen's experience, senses, physical and willpower without relying on machinery is the very essence of craftsmanship.

Yoshiyuki Omure, our current brewmaster, began his training with the company in 1981; he was appointed brewmaster in 1999.
To learn more about nihonshū brewing techniques, he would go on a study trip every year to the Tohoku region's breweries in northern Japan. His curiosity allowed the taste of our shōchū to evolve each passing year and this tradition will be inherited by Naoki Maeda, the succeeding master. We are walking towards a new era but will continue to challenge ourselves sincerely and earnestly without fearing changes to deliver you, the most delicious shōchū.

CEO Kono Naomasa

CEO : Kono Naomasa

Taikai Shuzō

21-1, Shirasakicho, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima 8930016 JAPAN
TEL +81 0994-44-2190
FAX +81 0994-40-0950

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