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Corporate philosophy

“From Kanoya to the world.”

“To sip on a glass of shōchū at a counter with a sea view in every country of the world”, that is my wish!

In 2004, our first international tasting event was held in New York with 4 other breweries. At the time, I happened to get acquainted with people in the fashion industry and from our talk, began to dream about holding a tasting event in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Eight years later, in January 2012, thanks to various connections, we managed to set up our longsought shōchū booth for Yoshiki Hishinuma's “Paris Haute Couture Collection” event. Dreams are truly meant to be fulfilled.

These days, the perception of Shōchū has evolved greatly, renewed French spirits experts are enthusiastically talking about it and recommend its tasting. Changes are ongoing, shōchū that was not even considered until a few years ago is now gradually spreading throughout the world.

Thinking back, since 1993, we have been developing original Taikai Shuhan's shōchū to support local liquor stores and to reach the enthusiasts across the country. We held tasting events in many different places and traveled all over Japan to let even more people know about its taste. The result of this is, thanks to the support of liquor stores, we managed to connect with a considerable number of Taikai fans. We have been able to push frantically along the long road and are now selling from Okinawa all the way to Hokkaido.

On the starting line of this path, I set an objective “to sip on a glass of shōchū at a counter with a sea view in every country of the world”. We are still on our way, but we will keep on running towards what will surely come, everyone, thank you for your support.

From Kanoya to the world. Then someday, from Kanoya to the universe.

CEO Yamashita Masahiro

CEO : Yamashita Masahiro

Taikai Shuhan

3-2-8, Kotobuki, Kanoya-shi, Kagoshima 8930014 JAPAN
TEL +81 0994-42-5238
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