Taikai Shuzō’s commitment

The city of Kanoya is located on the Osumi Peninsula where sweet potatoes have been grown for the longest time on the well-drained Shirasu plateau.
To make our shōchū, we use sweet potatoes cultivated with great care by contracted producers of Kanoya.

When the production season starts, the master and the other brewers stay at the brewery. We are committed to leveraging the brewers' five senses over machinery. As a brand that represents the Osumi Peninsula, we will continue to produce a shōchū that more people can appreciate.

Sweet potatoes'
quality commitment

"Shōchū brewing starts in our sweet potato fields”
These words are written on the back label of our shōchū bottles alongside the picture of our producers.

For many years, our producers have been striving to improve the quality of sweet potatoes. We are not only looking to make delicious shōchū, but also to make a safe product whose raw material producers can easily be identified. Once again, shōchū brewing starts from the sweet potato fields.

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